The Best Asian Street Foods

Never underestimate the power of good food, Eating delicious food can be a life changing experience  - Shon Mehta

An easy, one-handed snack, gai daan jai (egg waffles, egg puffs or eggettes) is the ideal street food of Hong Kong

Egg Waffles Hong kong

A mountain of crushed ice and condensed milk with a rainbow of toppings, halo-halo (also haluhalo, meaning "mixed" in Tagalog) is the perfect antidote to the Philippines' hot and humid summers.

Halo-Halo Philipines

Also Known as Boba or pearl Milk tea. This famous Taiwanese export has gained a worldwide following

Bubble Tea, Taiwan

A little bit sweet, a little sour, a little spicy, fuchka (what's known as panipuri, gol gappa, in India) is one of the most ubiquitous street foods in Bangladesh.

Fuchsia Bangladesh

Best enjoyed fresh from the fryer or chilled, these concentric swirls of deep-fried fermented batter taste crispy, juicy and exceptionally sweet

Jalebi India

Healthy and hearty, gado gado (meaning "mix-mix") tosses together a garden of vegetables and tasty ingredients in a thick, peanutty sauce.

Gado Gado Indonesia

Can't decide between a sweet or savory breakfast? Enter kaya toast: a charcoal-kissed breakfast sandwich that's nothing short of a daily ritual in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Kaya Toast Malaysia

Vada pav is a savory dinner roll stuffed with fried mashed and spiced potato fritters. It is a popular vegan street food snack eaten in Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra.

Vadapav India

If you've tried just one food from Nepal, it's most likely momos. Region to region, family to family, no two recipes will be identical.

Momos Nepal

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