The AI Dilemma: Six Nations Saying 'No' to ChatGPT

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As tensions between China and the U.S. remain high, Beijing firmly resists the operation of a platform like ChatGPT. Strict rules on foreign internet entities are enforced, fueled by fears of misinformation spread via American AI technology.


With escalating indirect conflict with Western nations, Russia is wary of the possible misuse of AI platforms like ChatGPT. Moscow maintains a cautious stance, aiming to preserve control over narratives.

North Korea

Given North Korea's tight internet regulation and surveillance under Kim Jong-un's regime, it's unsurprising that it prohibits the use of a U.S.-created AI system like ChatGPT.


Known for rigorous censorship rules, Iran is currently healing from wide-scale protests sparked by the death of Mahasa Amini. With already strained U.S.-Iran relations after the Trump administration's withdrawal from the nuclear deal, Iran refrains from using ChatGPT.


Cuba's government also enforces tight controls over internet usage, including the use of AI platforms like ChatGPT.


In the midst of a disinformation crisis, Syria is reluctant to risk further exposure to a U.S.-developed AI platform like ChatGPT, especially amidst the nation's ongoing conflict.