Stories as a Service

Every brand have a story that people like to know. Storymics can do just that for you. Spend less time on making ideas, finding authors and managing the content creation process. Let Storymics be your storyteller. 

Our Story does not end here. While we continue telling them to the world, we distribute, redistribute of your contents and engage the target group that they remember your brand story for a long time. 

Storytelling MIA Stories

“Story makes information way more memorable. We are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it has been wrapped in a story.”

Storytelling humanises your brand.

Let Stories immortalise your Brand

Spend less time on making ideas, finding authors and managing the content creation process.
Step 1

Register on Storymics

It takes just one minute to register a Free or paid account on Storymics. There is no Credit Card required when you create your account.

Step 2

Start Creating Stories & Publish yourself

Choose a Template, update logo and colours and start authoring stories. Start getting traffic on your site.*

Step 3

Let Storymics be your Storyteller

Let Storymics do all the work for you. We plan, create content, publish & distribute to give the best outcomes.

Komal Dhir

Storytelling has always been the best way to market and Storymics now make it very easy. We research, consult and execute brand building with stories. 

‘Behind every brand, there is a Story waiting to be heard’.

Komal Dhir


How Your Story is managed by Storymics

Spend less time on making ideas, finding authors and managing the content creation process.

Plan your Campaign

We use Storytelling as the basis of your campaign and make one that aligns with your brand.

Create Contents

Storymics creates set of contents that includes web stories, Blogs, Videos, Podcasts, infographics that aligns with your campaign. 

Publish Contents

Our editors ensure that every content is of the highest quality and with right SEO, links and keywords. For us, publishing is not just pressing a button.


We share your contents across multiple sources and track the performance. 


Contents must be redistributed to get most clicks and hits. Redistribution is an art that less than 5% of the marketers are aware off, but can be a game changer for any campaign.

Engage the target group

We do not just stop at content creation and distribution, but also create events and opportunities to engage the audience with a matching physical presence if needed while continuing to engage them with new stories regularly.

Our team consists of experienced Storytellers, SEO, Content creators and marketing professionals

Content writing services from Storymics is done by handpicked storytellers and writers that provide services such as web stories, blog writing for websites, web content writing, marketing material content, white papers, research articles, proof reading services, infographic content, social media content, press releases, product descriptions, copywriting services, and many more.

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